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Jessica E. Blumenthal, MD


Where some people see problems, Jessica Blumenthal, MD, sees opportunity. "I love problem-solving!" Dr. Blumenthal said. "I always strive to learn more, and find better ways of approaching problems, which is a never-ending practice in the field of medicine."

Dr. Blumenthal says that obstetrics and gynecology provides her plenty of opportunity to address women's health concerns and to understand what solution is best for each individual patient. "Obstetrics and gynecology allows me to follow a woman through all phases of her life," she said. "I really enjoy getting to know each patient as an individual as well as knowing her family."

Dr. Blumenthal's career could have taken a different path if she pursued another interest. "I enjoy animals and find peace being around them," she said. "When I was young, I wanted to be an animal trainer. If I hadn't become a doctor, I think I would have become a veterinarian." 

Instead of working with animals, though, Dr. Blumenthal spends time with them in a different capacity. She, her husband and her twin boys live on 14 acres where they keep three horses and two dogs. "We enjoy caring for our animals," she said. "I ride my horses about once a week. If I can't ride, I still enjoy grooming them and being in their presence."

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