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Michael D. Stadler, MD


Michael Stadler, MD, believes every patient should be a partner in her medical care, and he works hard to make that possible. "I like to educate the patients and involve them in the medical decision-making process," Dr. Stadler said. "I am really a patient advocate."

Dr. Stadler understands that sometimes obstetrics and gynecology can be overwhelming, so he tries to explain everything to his patients, from the most basic medical matters to the most complex. "I have always enjoyed the subject of human physiology and how the human body works," he shared. "I am happy to share that understanding with others."

That teaching is particularly enjoyable for Dr. Stadler at Novant Health Carolina Women's Health Associates. "I love the people I get to work with and the patients I get to see every day," he said. "To be given the chance to improve medical conditions of others is truly rewarding, especially with such a supportive team."

Dr. Stadler's team at home is just as supportive. "My wife and I have seven children," Dr. Stadler said," four biological sons and three adopted daughters. Our family life is very busy but very fun. Even the basic activities are a fun learning experience."

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